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"The movement for aesthetic fulfillment."
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​I give gratitude and acknowledgement to the people who came before me and those who travel in this plane of existence. All the knowing I have gained is from the collective pool of perception and understanding. I believe my existence to be an appropriation of the lived experiences and cultures of my ancestors and the ancestors of all humanity. I humbly acknowledge the cultural appropriation that filters through my work as an artist, educator, and community organizer. I work to continually interrogate the supremacist structures that filter through my intersectional lived experience. I aim to ethically appropriate the collective knowledge created by people across the world and connected to the soil I live on called U.S.A. I am thankful for those who help me to challenge my thinking and grow as a comrade in our movement for safer spaces.



Empathy-informed care teaching artist and community organizer, with a focus on empowering victims/survivors/thrivers and communities to challenge sexual and gender violence by creating safer spaces for healing and dialogue. Programming covers topics such as body autonomy, consent, communication, self-empowerment, community-building, healing, self-worth/love, and self-care.
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